Agreement To Form A New Division

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• Forma de Acuerdo Para Formación de Una Nueva División (Spanish)

Acorado Para A Constituição Da Divisão (Portuguese)

The undersigned Rotary Leaders agree with The Rotary Leadership Institute as follows:

  1. The undersigned will form a regional/ area/ district/ zone "Division" of The Rotary Leadership Institute (hereafter known as “RLI”) to be called the ___________________________Division.
  2. The RLI agrees to provide to the Division:
    a. the use of the name, The Rotary Leadership Institute, ________________ _______________________Division and the use of the RLI logo;
    b. copies of annual or periodic revisions of the RLI curricula, outlines, faculty notes, faculty training materials, etc.;
    c. initial faculty training and
    d. advice as to organization, procedures, promotion, etc.;
    e. division information on pages on the RLI Website; and
    f. organization of a meeting/breakfast of all Divisions at each Rotary International Convention, and
    g. to the best of its ability, the opportunity to purchase various items at bulk prices, such as the Institute pin, etc.
  3. The Division agrees:
    a. to use only the name The Rotary Leadership Institute, __________________ Division and the logo of the RLI without any changes or alterations;
    b. to provide the RLI with copies of all curricula and materials used by the Division in its courses, promotion, organization, etc.; and to keep the RLI informed of its activities;
    c. to send representatives to the annual meeting of the RLI at each Rotary International Convention and to send the Division Chair or a representative to the meetings of the RLI Coordinating Council;
    d. to cooperate with the officers and representatives of the RLI to build a successful organization; and
    e. to cooperate in the formation of a larger division, if desirable. Adding additional districts, regions, countries, etc. to the Division in the future requires the approval of the RLI and an amended agreement showing the new area(s). See also paragraph 8 below.
  4. The Division Chairs, the International Chair and International Executive Director and other international officers of the RLI shall constitute the Coordinating Council of the RLI.
  5. Each Division agrees to pay annual dues to the RLI to cover the costs of providing materials, websites, communications, executive director services, expansion activities, meetings, etc. The dues shall be determined by the Coordinating Council based on the number of clubs/districts within the Division, the estimated costs to the RLI, etc. The initial dues for the Division for the current Rotary year shall be US$ 100.00 per district in each division, payable upon execution of this Agreement.
  6. Each Division agrees that upon withdrawal from membership in the RLI, all materials shall be returned to the RLI and neither any further use of the name RLI nor the use of the RLI logo shall be permitted. If the ___________________________________ Division defaults in any of the requirements of this Agreement, the Coordinating Council may terminate this Agreement with the Division and the Division will then comply with the requirements of this paragraph.
  7. It is understood that each Division shall be generally autonomous except as specifically set forth in this Agreement, as may be approved by the Coordinating Council or as may be required by Rotary International. The Coordinating council may promulgate general standards and recommendations for the Divisions.
  8. This Agreement must be initially signed by the first Chair of the Division and each initial participating district governor and such district(s) shall become a party to this agreement. Additionally each participating district governor shall sign an agreement of membership within the Division. Subsequent districts as shown below may be added by the signing by the then district governor of the agreement of membership. Copies of all agreements of membership within a division shall be sent to the RLI. Other new districts not allocated to the division (set forth below) must have the approval of the RLI to become part of the Division.
  9. The Division agrees to display the following language on all its publications, websites, etc. or such similar language as may be required by Rotary International: “The Rotary Leadership Institute, _______________Division is not an official program of Rotary International, nor under its control.” The Division will comply with requirements of Rotary International.
  10. This Agreement shall be automatically renewable on July 1 of each year, unless a Division notifies the International Executive Director of the RLI of its intention to withdraw no later than 90 days prior to the July 1 renewal date.

This Agreement is signed on the ____day of _________________, 201_

For the ________________________________________ Division:

Chair of the Division
Name, title, address, tel. & email address of Chair:

Initial Participating District(s) Governor(s) shall sign the attached addendum.

The Division includes Districts Nos.: _____________________________

Countries initially part of Division: ______________________________


Initial Participating District Acceptances (if more districts need to sign, attached additional copies of this page)

District #____________

District Governor

District #____________

District Governor

(Add separate pages for additional initial districts)

For the RLI

____________________________________________ Dated:

For further information contact:

David Linett, International Chair (
Michael Rabasca, International Executive Director (