How To Start A Division

In order to provide effective grassroots administration of RLI and to deal with regional variations, RLI created the division system in 2002. A "division" is created by an agreement signed by the District Governor(s) of the first member district(s) and a representative of the umbrella organization of RLI, the International RLI or just RLI. The form of Agreement to Form a Division is included in this section (see Index) as is the form of Agreement for a District to Join an Existing Division.

Those interested in initiating a division of RLI should contact the International Chair or an International Regional Vice-Chair. An interested party may also use "Contact Us" on the Home Page.

Each division pays to the umbrella international organization annual dues determined by the number of districts within the division. The current dues are US $100.00 per member district per year. The dues plus contributions over and above the dues are used to defray administrative and promotional expenses for the International RLI and provide faculty orientation programs for new divisions. The annual financial statement is posted on this Website.

After an agreement is signed, a division completes its organization, adopts bylaws, elects officers and begins planning for the first faculty orientation sessions and the first Part I course(s). Arrangements are made with the International Training Team to visit the Division to conduct the first faculty orientation program. At the faculty orientation sessions, the training team also meets with division leaders to discuss organization, planning courses, etc.

The International RLI:

Assigns the trainers (usually two) and pays for the transportation of the team to the first site in the Division. The trainers provide the agenda, the PowerPoint or overhead slides used in the training , RLI pins and certificates (although certificates can be downloaded from the materials website.)

The Division:

Arranges for the meeting site and audiovisual equipment, etc., provides airport transfers for the team to and from the designated hotel, and provides hotel accommodations for the team, meals, etc. during their stay,-usually two-three days or as arranged between RLI and the Division. The Division copies the materials for the faculty members as agreed with the RLI team.

Full information is provided to the Division in advance of the team visit.

The Division leadership recruits the faculty members who should be knowledgeable Rotarians, usually past governors or directors and sometimes well qualified past club presidents. Faculty members should be able to lead a lively discussion group without lecturing. The number of faculty members to be trained should be discussed by the Division leaders with the RLI training team.

Those trained to be faculty members (discussion leaders for course sessions) will conduct the first Part I course(s). It is recommended that courses be held within a month or two after the faculty orientation sessions. Further faculty orientations are either conducted by division trainers or members of the International Training Team whose names and language abilities will be communicated to the division.